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Akbar Hashemi

Fortunately the situation of science in our country let us think about a knowledge-based economy. We have many scientists, experts and knowledge-based companies; and this is the most important economic infrastructures in every country. That is, human resource is the most important economic infrastructures. If we pay attention to this, science to wealth cycle will run and continue to run and this will happen in resistive economy.

Being knowledge-based is a characteristic of resistive economy

Jun 16, 2016 Akbar Hashemi

Interview with Mohammad Reza Mohseni, founder of Ibartar startup

Mohammad Reza Mohseni is born in 20 Shahrivar 1356 in a village in Hemedan. He says his father is a middle-class farmer. He has six brothers and one sister. Mohseni says: “when I went to primary school, I pretended that I was ill so that no one urged me to go to school and I failed that year.” He says maybe because of these failures he can now stand up after facing problems.

Jun 16, 2016 Akbar Hashemi

Sarava press release about attracting foreign investment

Pomegranate investment’ company, Sarava European partner, could attract 60 million euro from several European investors and soon it would do its Initial public offering (IPO) through stock.

Jun 11, 2016 Akbar Hashemi

Inability to commercialize, inability to attract investment, and patent problems, are among problems for startups and income tax adds to these problems as well. Income tax for startups depends directly on the amount of profit which is gained by the taxpayer. Thus, all the goods that are subject to VAT and their names are mentioned in the law must pay their VAT. Lack of knowledge about startups and lack of expertise in tax offices are the main concerns of startups. Presence of startup ecosystem doesn’t mean that startups are definitely successful.

Jun 11, 2016 Akbar Hashemi

Haadi Farnood, Kamva founder

Farnood says: “investment is like a market in which competition is the most important factor. The more the number of investors and variety of investments, the much rational the numbers in that market. Investment in IT has high risk so domestic investors don’t want to get involved in it. Foreign investment in this situation is very important and useful not only for financial issues but also for receiving experience.”

Jun 09, 2016 Akbar Hashemi

Mohsen Molayi, founder of Bonyad Paresh: village is one of the key factors of production and formation of processes in Iran. This little place is independent in producing needed products and has an important role in forming human societies. Population growth, weather changes and change of lifestyle and entry of disparate cultures are among causes that have led to immigration from villages to cities. This has led to lack of human resource. Rural society is a kind of long-term society in which generations transfer their experiences for example agricultural experiences to the next generation.

Jun 09, 2016 Akbar Hashemi

When it comes to attracting capital, it means that many problems are going to be solved. Mostafa Amiri says: “one of the key factors for growth is financial capital. But, first of all we should see whether attracting capital is the main problem in Iranian startups or not? I think in current situation there is another issue which is more important and that is the capability of attracting capital in Iran startup ecosystem.

Jun 07, 2016 Akbar Hashemi

At the edge of INOTEX Exhibition 2016, a technology and science cooperation agreement were signed between two companies from the private sector of Iran and Belarus. This agreement was made at Monday 3rd Khordad 1395 which is about the transfer of nanowire silicon transistors and related equipment design and manufacturing technology between Iranian company, Shezan, and Belarusian company, Planar. These transistors have implications in production of bio sensors.

May 29, 2016 Akbar Hashemi

You can informed other of events with this startup

Event center is developed by a group of young people from Isfahan. Their most important startup is “Isfahan+”. Their second startup is “Event center”. Here we talked to Davood Dehghan and Mohammad Samsaam Babadi.

How did it start?

We were looking for a wordpress registration plugin and one of our members accepted to program a plugin. After a while he said that designing a website is more rational than programming a plugin like this. Therefore, we decided to expand this site.

May 25, 2016 Akbar Hashemi

Views of Supreme Leader about the necessity of attracting capitals from other countries

May 25, 2016 Akbar Hashemi