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Mona Jafari

Esure is a part of one insurance business and is actually a win-win system of direct action by everyone in the insurance industry which provides an opportunity for everyone so that they can have another financial activity besides their job everywhere and every time.

Esure tries to increase public knowledge about insurance and provide practical tips for better purchase of insurance needs to the public and site users, and also become a place to make money for buyers, agents and Asia Insurance Company.

Jun 28, 2016 Mona Jafari

Iran Renter is a startup that rent different tools and objects

Some equipment is used just once and we can not include them in household balance but sometimes we need this equipment so we have to buy them. In this situation we prefer to borrow it from other people… Iran Renter ( is an online rent website in which you can rent what you need online.

Jun 20, 2016 Mona Jafari

Iris software claims that it has solved the problem of people who want to develop their language by watching films, listening to music and reading books. This software is made by Iris Tech Company which has the patent of the first smart players as language training aids.

Jun 18, 2016 Mona Jafari is a professional website for comparing updated prices of different products. It gives all users the opportunity to contact sellers and buy what they want. We talked to Ehsan Davoodi, the founder of Gheymatyab.

The prices of how many online stores are compared with each other by this website?

We offer information about 150 stores to users.

Stores which have high prices would definitely lose their customers because of this comparison. Do they complain about Gheymatyab service?

Jun 08, 2016 Mona Jafari

I wanted to participate in photography courses so I searched in internet and found IranDoreh site whose office is in Isfahan. Now we talk to Mahmood Parsa, idea holder of IranDoreh.

Where does this site come from?

In 1390, I was interested in internet and needed Photoshop. I was looking for a good institution to learn this software. But I didn’t find one. After that, I participated in an entrepreneur course which led to this idea.

Which services are offered by IranDoreh?

Jun 08, 2016 Mona Jafari

Attracting capital wisely is so important; that is the capital should be strategic. Hamid Asadi, founder of Navar startup, says: “partnership and cooperation of foreign investors with Iranian company makes foreign investors invest in accordance with Iran standards. In this way, startup team, developers and founders are Iranian and mediator is Iranian too.

Jun 07, 2016 Mona Jafari

Skillema is a social network for finding and communicating with friends who know the importance of your skills and need them, want to learn something to you and from you. is the first Persian and professional social network which intends to share, prompte and transfer skills, expertise and professional experiences in the way that users can earn money from it. Here we have talked with Mohammad Rouhani Nejad, one of Skillema founders.

Why did you operate Skillema on a social network platform not a website?

May 22, 2016 Mona Jafari

Douran application includes singers, albums and new songs in which every user is guided to it after login in each part. Morteza Asgari Yazdi and Mohammad Gholi Pour, founders of Douran, say: “among the features of this application are streaming of a song with its lyrics and also farsi translation of all the songs are available for users. Each song after running is downloaded and even when you don’t have internet connection, you can listen to the songs with their translation. Douran is the first 


May 13, 2016 Mona Jafari

Official News is the first online content distribution service in Iran which helps companies to get access to more than 2 thousand domestic and 70 thousand international media. In a world where we’re surrounded by formal and informal news channels in social networks, getting access to an inclusive source is a desire for everyone.

May 13, 2016 Mona Jafari